Student Password Change Directions

Student Password Change Directions
Posted on 05/13/2020

All students now have a ‘Student Password Change’ tile in their portal. It can be found in the top ‘Default’ row on the portal home page.  It looks like this:


Any student may click on this tile to easily change their password to a new password they choose or a teacher can provide a password for each student and/or parent, it is recommended that password be changed using this new portal tile.  For security reasons, it is always best that each student create and use a password of his or her own choosing.  Additionally, a unique password only the student and/or parent knows will alleviate some distance learning challenges.

NOTE:  If/when a student forgets his/her password, the teacher can reset it back to the default password via the ‘Student Password Reset’ tile in the portal.
We are working on translations of the parent message and directions above and will provide that to you asap in a future update.